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And now! This next thing!

And now! This next thing!

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What I forgot to yell about yesterday was that the second issue of Soyfucker is out!

Kelly McClellan did the cover! Whooha!

This time around, the proceeds will go to the Deep Roots Animal Sanctuary in Owen County, Indiana. THIS IS AWESOME. Deep Roots is run by E. Chris Lynch, who let me intern at Microcosm this summer, and who is the raddest ever. Seriously he is like a frickin' bambi-eyed mercenary of social justice on rollerskates or something. Whatever. BUY THIS BOOK AND HELP HIS CHICKEN.

I have a 10-pager in there and here is one panel of it!!


You can get hard copies or digital copies at the Soyfucker Store! HOORAH FOR ANIMALS.
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