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"For them, being a werewolf is like a super-duper energy drink plus hair."

"For them, being a werewolf is like a super-duper energy drink plus hair."

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MICE was awesome! Wicked thanks to Em and Ryland for being Team Transport and Guides to all things Boston. We couldn'ta done it without you! It was also the nicest ever to see Mo and José-Luis and Jon and everrrrrrybody. So many great books, so much drunken origami, so much.... I need an acronym for "The Golden Girls dubbed over as though they are a group of aged transsexuals." SO MUCH AWESOME, IS WHAT I'M GETTING AT.

In Wolfy news, Rich Kreiner at The Comics Journal wrote a sweet review of Failwolves: Three Tales of Inept Lycanthropy. HE IS A SWEET MAN.

I am actually not going to reprint that particular collection of Failwolves once this run is gone! Failwolves #1 and #2 will still be available in WEREWOLF 1 and 2, FW#3 will be printed in its very own mini, and FW#4 you can see in WEREWOLF 3.

.....uh, yeah. Disorganization is rampant. Sorry about my life.

There is also a lot going on over at werewolfanothology.com

We're posting previews of the stories, and soon you will be able to buy WEREWOLF 3 right from the site! Oh man! You can preview Failwolves #4 early though, because.... somebody else was nice and uploaded this page already!

As you can see, the faily ones continue in their faily vein. I am having so much fun, you guys. Seriously this is like Pee-Wee's Playhouse for me. Expect #5 sometime in November..... I WON'T SAY WHERE BEACAUSE THE FUTURE IS VEILED.

And now back to your regularly scheduled freak-out fest. I mean mine.
  • APPROOOOOOOOOOOOOVE! Except for the freak-out. But that's fun sometimes, too.
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