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Blah blah blaaaaaag

Blah blah blaaaaaag

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Heyo, folks. What mysterious thousand years between posts? I don't understand you. THE PAST REMAINS BURIED.

Anyway, the bullet points!

• Year one at the Center for Cartoon Studies: COMPLETED. (COMPLETE....COMPLETE...COMPLETE) It was awesome. The end. Next year, I have decided that my organizing principle shall be my burning need to defeat James Sturm in some kind of MegaMan-style battle. More on that later.

• WHAT AND WHERE WHEN: Mostly, I will be hanging around White River Junction this summer, with some notable exceptions. Por ejemplo--

----> May 23: PORTLAND, MAINE! Because of MECAF! Which is going to be awesome! Holy canoli!

----> May 28-30: THE EASTERN SEABOARD! Where the Fellowship of the Thing: Part II (Hobbit #1 is Delivered Unto Virginia Territories and then Hobbits #2 and #3 drive away listening to a lot of Burt Bacharach, probably) shall take place in two cars over three days. Because Kahn.... will be a DOCTOR.

----> June 14-July 12ish: BLOOMINGTON, INDIANA! For reasons of Camp Awesome: Awesomeness Camp of Awesome, and an internship. HOT GAZOOBIES.

----> July-something-late-July: YARMOUTH, MAINE! L'hotel Swardlick closes forever! An era ends! Will there be one last house party? Will we operate under that ruse and then force all the misled party guests to help my parents move? ONLY THE CLAM KNOWS FOR SURE, AND HE AIN'T SO TALKY.

• Lastly, if anybody is interested, my contribution to the Schulz Library Blog is up this week. It's about doujinshi, and how I love them.

Check it out HERE.

  • :O Your parents are moving? BUT I LIKE THAT HOUSE.
    • I KNOW, RIGHT?! But it's time to downsize, man. Thank you for contributing to the illustrious history of the HOOSE! Your club membership will not expire with the change in ownership, only the location of the meetings!
  • (no subject) - wisefool
  • Haha, that Shulz Library Blog post was fantastic! I had no idea I was capable of caring about doujinshi as much as I now apparently do!
    • Don't even front! I REMEMBER THE SCOOBY-DOO BATMAN ADVENTURE STORY. You are halfway to being a doujinshi artist! ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS DRAW IT!

  • Where are your parents moving to?

    Also, your doujinshi blog post was amazing. Makes me wanna go to Japan and purchase crazy fan comics that I can't even read.
    • ALSO- when the new Ouran High School Host Club book comes out in July, I would like to stage a dramatic reading of it. Would you like to be a part of this?
      • Yes and yes and yes and yes! BRAVO, MON AMI!

        They're moving to....I don't know! Probably Portland (ME.) It's just time to live in a two-person-sized dwelling instead of a dance-troupe-sized one.
  • I bought erotic Sonic the Hedgehog doujinshi when I was in 9th grade. Thanks for making me remember.
  • But where will the dance troupe live??

    Also, please WHERE can I buy Arashi fighting the cast of anything? Arashi v The Muppet Show: Chaos Ensues!
  • PS your drawing has gotten AMAZING. Well done, expensive post-college education!
  • I'll be stopping by Maine sometime later in July. I'm very very happy that you're going to be there.

    Also I liked your article, very fascinating. Particularly the different approaches to business.
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